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[ADV7182W] Analog Inputs [AGND - 0.3 V to AVDD + 0.3 V] ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING

Question asked by Tamu on May 31, 2013
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I have a question about ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING [Analog Inputs]-[AGND - 0.3 V to AVDD + 0.3 V] of ADV7182 datasheet.
Does this mean any analog input is not allowed to ADV7182 when AVDD is not supplied?


The AINs are used for differential CVBS input.
The datasheet P.12 "Figure 7. Input Differential Network" is used for the AIN circuit.
I asked similar question for AD9985A as following thread.

As same this case, does the series capacitor stop this problem for also ADV7182W?


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