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Fm Modulation using Ad9954

Question asked by adnantahir on May 30, 2013
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I am using AD9954 in my synthesizer board. I want to generate 100MHz output frequency modulated with a 3KHz tone and with a deviation of 10KHz or 50KHZ.

At this page

there is a set of frequency tuning words " const uint32_t freqTable[256]" which generates 4KHz deviation  at 81.15MHz.


I have tested this table in ram mode and it works . By changing significant  bits in Frequency tuning word i can  generate different carrier frequency. I want to know the method of generating sine table for different deviation.


In analog  scenario , i want that my dds should work like , a vco tuned at 100MHz , a sine wave or tone of 3KHZ modulates the vco with different deviations"