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ADSP21489 DPI_PB12 acting oddly TWI

Question asked by MarcZ on May 30, 2013
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I am working on a project including TWI, on a ADSP-21489 EZ-Board.


The fact is that I configured TWI to have TWI_CLK on DPI_PB08 and TWI_DATA on DPI_PB07 and I never configure anything in my project on DPI_PB12.

Now, if I take a look to DPI_PB12, I can see the exact signal of TWI_CLK.


Here are the tests I did:

- Check the switch concerning DPI_PB12, which is Off (UART_CTS not used)

- If I create a PWM on DPI_PB12, the TWI stops working


After a test, what I could do is get the DPI_PB12 as TWI_CLK instead of DPI_PB08 (in this case it is working), but I would like to find the reason why I get that.


You can find enclosed the Configuration file for TWI (the function which reads data continuously is in another file)


Thank you for your help,