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Powering ADF4351 Eval board and lock detect

Question asked by tnagy14 on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2013 by icollins

I have been using the 4351 for some time now and it has been working fine, but recently I have been having problems with the lock detect.  I cant seem to ever get the LD led to come on.  As a test, I changed "LD Pin Mode" to high in the provided software and the LD led will still not turn on.  Am I correct in assuming I should expect the led to come on? 


Also, I am looking to power the eval board directly with 3.3V.  Can this voltage be applied directly to the red test points labeled AVDD and VOUT?




Message was edited by: Tyler Nagy I wanted to add to this post saying that I used the MUXOUT to view the digital lock and it was in-fact high. Perhaps I damaged the LD pin somehow?