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ADXL 362 returns bad PARTID (0xF3 instead of 0xF2)

Question asked by vrac75 on May 29, 2013
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This is the second time I get this problem with the ADXL362 sensor, first with an Analog Device EVAL-ADXL362Z eval board, and now with my custom board :


- when I try to get the ADXL362 PARTID, I always get 0xF3 not 0xF2. But I can read the data of DEVID_AD,DEVID_MST correctly.

- also, I can only read the X data correctly,and Y always -2048 , Z always 2047.


I double checked with a scope, 0xF3 is really returned (instead of 0xF2) on the SPI bus.


In both cases, I'm sure they worked fine at first ! ... Then they stopped working correctly.

Power supply is 3,3V (core and I/O), should it be a problem ?


Any idea ?

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