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ADV7612 stability problem and Equalizer Settings

Question asked by CorentinC on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by GuenterL

Hello we have stability problems with our ADV7612 input board : the video unlocks time to time.

Changing the equaliser settings helps a little bit but is not enough to have a stable video output.

We have made an inspection on the schematics and layout but didn't found any potential problems (TMDS lines are directly connected to the ADV7612 with an adapted impedance layout). We have also followed as much a possible the eval board placement.

Is it possible to send you our schematics and layout files for a quick review ? We can not attach them directly in this post for confidentiality reasons.

We can send you .pdf files of our schematics and PADS files of our layout (.pcb) or gerber files if OK.

Please tell us how to proceed.


Thank you for your help,