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ADV212 Output Rate in Encode Mode

Question asked by jfmorris on May 29, 2013
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I am designing a board to use an ADV7180 and ADV212 to encode video from an NTSC camera, with the intent to capture only a single JPEG2000 encoded video field for transmission over a slow serial link by a microcontroller.  I'll be using a target size of 50KB for the encoded fields, so that I have a somewhat predictable data size. Plus I only have 128KB of SRAM available to hold the JPEG2000 code stream "frame" for transmission.


I am trying to analyze the performance of the ADV212 versus my microcontroller, to determine whether or not I can keep up with the data rate of the encoded JPEG2000 stream for a full compressed frame.  I have the option to use either the 16-bit HDATA interface to read the compressed output via the CODE FIFO interface register, or I could possibly use the JDATA output mode with the VALID/HOLD signals to pull the data into the microcontroller's onboard 128KB SRAM.


My question is really what will the output data rate be when running in encode mode with the ADV212, encoding an SDTV signal, with the target compression size being around 50KB per field?  I have done a lot of NTSC video processing over the years using the ADV7180, and ADV7171, mostly using FPGA's to do the video processing. This is the first time I've been asked to use a microcontroller of any sort to do the job.


Any advice is appreciated!