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Status of coming 2013 release

Question asked by illishar on May 29, 2013
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What's the status of the coming 2013 release?

When do you expect it to be ready?


I've downloaded the trunk in order to test it before you release it, but it seems that there're a lot of packages that doesn't compile. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Or perhaps you're working on it? At first I'd created a thread for each saying "This package doesn't compile", but that got embarrassing after a while, so I deleted them again.


There seems to be a certain pattern to the compile errors though. Fork! I'll post the compile output in the next post. (Also for myself.)


I'm using the bf526-ezbrd_defconfig and the ADI BF526-EZBRD hardware, as a start out point.


I'm using the newest released toolchain (uclibc-full). Which one of the toolchain snapshots ( corrosponds to that?