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Running AD9516_17_18 Eval SW on Win7 64 bit

Question asked by analogue71 on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by pkern

I just noticed in the documentation that the SW which ships with the AD9517 eval kit is not supported on Win7 64 bit platforms. We only run Win7 64 bit & Linux OS .


  • Is there any way to work around this issue by updating the driver &running in XP mode under Win 7 for example?
  • Failing that if we manage to find an XP machine is it possible to save the settings / configuration into non-volatile memory  on the evaluation board such that it powers up in a selected configuration?
  • Failing that is it possible to get details of the protocol used on the USB interface?
    • Might be possible to use other SW / write a win64 program to download a simple configuration?  
      • An example of a confutation download & sequence would be helpful in this respect.



Any other ideas/ any plans to update the SW to run on Win7 64 in the near future?