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ADV739x analog output vs digital input relationship

Question asked by funk48 Employee on May 29, 2013
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There are video standard such as BT.601 and BT.1358 which explain analog represantation of video signal and digital coding timing. However analog video timing and digital video timing is slightly different. For example, assuming 576p,

   Digital timing (BT.1358)

      H-Active period = 720pixel / 27.00MHz =~26.666us

  Analog timing (BT.1358)

      Active Video = Nominal line period - H Blanking interval = 32us - 6us = ~ 26us.

In reality if proper timing data based on BT.1358 is input to the ADV739x or other video encoder, analog video timing fron the encoder meet analog spec of the standard.

Questions are

  - How does the encoder adjust timing difference between analog and digital?

  - Above active video timing case, digital H-active period is longer than analog active video timing. Does the all digital video data output as active video data from analog output? Or the encoder remove some pixel to meet analog timing which is shorter period than digital?   


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