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Zynq + ADV7511 problems (blank screen)

Question asked by hln on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by larsc

We have a custom built Zynq board with an ADV7511 on it. We're running a linux kernel which is setup to use ADV7511 as a display device. We're having a somewhat strange problem:


If we connect the external display (native resolution 1920x1080 computer monitor) to the HDMI connector of our board, and then power our board, after linux boots, there is no image on the display, it is blank. After this point, it does not matter whether we unplug and plug back in, the image never comes up. The boot log in this case has the following messages:


[1.090000] adv7511-hdmi-snd adv7511_hdmi_snd.2:  adv7511 <-> 75c00000.axi-spdif-tx mapping ok
[1.620000] setting clock to: 148500
[1.620000] raw_edid: d8afa0c0 7
[1.670000] Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 240x67


However, if we do NOT connect the external display before powering our board, and then plug in the display after power-up, we can see the output on the screen. In this case however, the resolution is somehow set to 1024x768 (confirmed from the on-screen display of the monitor):


[1.080000] No connectors reported connected with modes
[1.080000] [drm] Cannot find any crtc or sizes - going 1024x768
[1.120000] Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 128x48

[   11.410000] setting clock to: 78800

[   11.420000] raw_edid: d8081c80 7


Any ideas what might be wrong?