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Integration of ADAU1446 DSP

Question asked by freewill on May 28, 2013
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I'm developing an aircraft intercom system using ADAU1446 DSP and AD1938 CODEC.

We need two DSPs to construct our system. One of both is master and generates BCLKs and LRCLKs for slave DSP.

One of both is slave and receives CLKs from master DSP and provides them to AD1938 CODEC.

We integrated two DSP and then we faced a problem. Even if there is no audio input, when two DSP is intgrated, critical noise is occirred.

We think that our architecture is not wrong.


I attach noise video.


Please let me know about some questions..


1. Is ur architecture (Master, Slave) wrong?

2. If our architecture is not worng, can you provide some suggestions about above??