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Issues adding plugins to CCES

Question asked by YousraA on May 27, 2013
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I have been trying to create and install a hello world plugin onto CCES for the sake of learning how to create eclipse plugins and run them on CCES. I downloaded a random version of eclipse at the time (europa  - version 3.3) and I created this simple plugin. I was able to have that plugin display on CCES when I copied the .jar file over to the dropin folder of CCES. However, when I installed newer versions of eclipse and created my plugin on them, my plugin wouldn't show up on CCES. Can you help me explain whats going on? I dont know why I can't see my plugin with newer versions of eclipse. Isn't CCES built on eclipse version 3.7.2?  Would plugins developed on eclipse version 4.2 not work with CCES?