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ADP558x I/O Expander Application

Question asked by Jacky-chen-2 on May 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2013 by RSchnell

Dear All:

I study ADP558x I/O Expander for LED status control application. my required specifications and ADP558x application question pls see below. Thanks.


My Requirest(Design idea):

A:)Total GPIO#:12~14CH

B:)GPIO Application: NPN transistor switch, LED is status display ex:GPIO1 is Status_LED, GPIO2:Read data,GPIO3:Write data,GPIo4:Button1....etc,only or many LED to show the work status of the MCU or other deivce,ex: MCU is read/write data, GPIO2 and GPIO3 is Light...etc.

C:) everyone GPIO power start-up status:pull down mode, hope power on overall LED is extinguish.

D:) LED IF=30mA .

E:)I need one chip solution.



Q1.The ADP5585ACBZ-04-R7 and ADP5586ACBZ-00-R7 is “GPIO pull-down on startup” mode. they max total GPIO number are 10 pcs. So I need 2 chip IC. is uneconomical too.

Q2: ADP5589ACPZ-02-R7 is Pull-down on R0 (Row 0), R3 (Row 3), R4 (Row 4), C4 (Column 4), C6 (Column 6), and C9 (Column 9) Pin. So other GPIO power start-up is pull up? or are there other defined mode?

Q3:Have any ADP558x IC can support my design at one chip solution? or you have any good idea can provide to me reference?


Best Regards