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on adv212 file header and tile

Question asked by condone on May 27, 2013
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i'm using adv212 to encode still image in mode of HIPI, and have some questions:


1. When adv212 start to transfer first dma burst data(16-word length), the first word is not FFFFFFF0, but the last input pixel packet, or some random data(it seems random), and then comes the FFFFFFF0.


2. I transferred a 800×600 image to adv212, and configured using Reversible 5 × 3 wavelet kernel and it worked well. But i just notice that maximum tile size when 5 × 3 wavelet kernel is used is 262,144 samples, while 800×600=480,000 samples. Does  adv212 divide image into 2 or more tiles automatically?


3. In adv212 header, byte from offset 0x0C to 0x0F is Size of compressed data, I found this included the zeros padded after the end of jp2 or j2c file in dma burst mode. Is it possible to configure it not include these zeros?


Tiandong Wang