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ADE7758 - Voltage reading issue

Question asked by Basavaraja on May 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2013 by Basavaraja

Dear All,

I have started design three phase Energy meter using ADE7758(interface SPI); where i am encountering a problem as below.

  • When i read three phases voltage alone, then i will get the correct voltages readings as below

     R VOLT=224.684

     Y VOLT=225.310

     B VOLT=225.133

if i read the currents along with voltages, then will get the voltage(in decimal) and current(in hex) as below

R CUR=050269

Y CUR=00027C

B CUR=000E57


R VOLT=19.684

Y VOLT=225.310

B VOLT=225.133


The R phase will increase to 41 volts and becomes 0.0; mean while current MSB will increase.


From above R current MSB is 05 (0502629) ;

Rvolt = (5 * 41) + 19.684

      = 205 + 19.684

      = 224.684


Kindly help to resolve the above issue...