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AD7192 channel setting not updated

Question asked by gaph.tan on May 27, 2013
Latest reply on May 27, 2013 by J.Gealon

Currently I'm using microchip to communicate with AD7192. I'm using all the 4 channel of AD7192 and therefore I need to switch from channel 1 to channel 4 to get analog data.


In this case, I would need to set the Configuration register of AD7192 to the respective channel or mode that we want to work in. For e.g, if I wants to read channel 1 analog reading, I would do the following steps in my microchip C firmware


  1. Set the Configuration register to channel 1
  2. Read back from Configuration register to make sure it is updated correctly
  3. Read back from Status register to make sure the channel is set correctly


However, I face the problem in which the configuration register is successfully update to my own setting, yet status register does not reflect to the channel setting that I've set.


Can someone advise on the above please? Thank you in advance.