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AD7195 calibration procedure

Question asked by Ahygoon on May 27, 2013
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One question concerning AD719x calibration process:


I see there are 4 registers couples (Offset and full-scale registers), corresponding to channel used.

As I anderstand, when we perform a calibration, results are stored into the corresponding registers.


But is this couple the same for self-calibration and system calibration?

=> only one calibration (internal or system) make sens because the last one overwrite the previsous calibration results. right?


My application is to measure weight of a big mixer wagon (~10T) with load cells.

For my application, I can calibrate the system in factory (system calibration) and save (and recall) calibration results at each start of the system.

But system may change (mechanically,...) in time, so I think doing internal calibration at each start is better. (doing system calibation is not possible for me)


According to you, what is the best solution for me?