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What are different FFT functions for BF548?

Question asked by KPAN on May 27, 2013

Hi All,


I am using BF548 evaluation kit and AD7357 interfaced with it.

I want to calculate FFT of the sine wave input

I tried using rfft_fr16 function. Result shows correct fundamental frquency but all the components are either 0,1,2  (Magnitude=0/1/2) after 7th order component.

Because of which when I convert it into % all the values are either 0.625, 1.25 or 2.5

I want the resolution in % as 0.01.

I also tried complex fft function but it is also not giving proper results

Questions: 1) what can i do to change the resolution?

2) Why am I getting all the samples as 0/1/2?


Kindly suggest me on what changes should I make?