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Pwm control

Question asked by binki on May 26, 2013
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Hi Nabeel,


I am assuming few things regarding Pwm. Can you please correct me if I am wrong.


Suppose if I have configured 8 channels.

i.e PWM0_AH to PWM0_DL


And by configuring following parameters:


        0x0,                                                    /* Dead Time between high and low Pwm channels */ 

    PWMTMR0_SYNC,                                   /*PWM sync timer mode select */

    PWM_SYNCHRONOUS,                          /*PWM Sync/Async select */

    PWM_INTERNAL_SYNC,                         /*PWM Int/Ext select */

        0x3ff,                                                        /* Sync width pulses */

    PWM_CHOP_DISABLE,                      /*PWM Chop Enable/Disable*/

        0x0,                                              /* Chop frequency for gate drive circuits */ 

                TRUE,                                  /* Pwm Trip Enable/Disable */

              PWM_TRIP0_SRC,                                        /* TRIP0 or TRIP1 source selection */

    PWM_FAULT_TRIP,                                  /*PWM Trip mode select */

    PWM_HARDWARE_TRIP                         /*PWM Trip select */  



Will these parameters  be common to all channels configured or can we have separate configuring of these parameters to individual channels?


i.e Can we have dead time separately for PWM_AH and PWM_AL, or will it be same for all channels if configured once in PWM_DT register.





Kishore K