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2x FMCOMMS1 on 1x Kintex-7?

Question asked by ndpr43 on May 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 27, 2013 by ndpr43

Hey everyone,


I'm a university research student working on an SDR project.  I'm putting together a purchase order for equipment, and was about two order four FMCOMMS1 FMC boards.  I was wondering if anyone has had any luck connecting more than one FMCOMMS1 to a singe Xilinx FPGA eval kit?  From the images on the wiki it appears the FMCOMMS1 uses FMC LPC which means I could theoretically hook up two to a single Kintex-7 board or any other Xilinx board with two FMC connectors for that matter.  Am I off in my thinking or would that work?