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chained DMA in simulator (adsp 21369)

Question asked by werty on May 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by ColinJ



I am tryring to run the example code from

in the simulator.


The Probelm is that the DMA never starts. The chain pointer register is written with the correct pointer and the DMA is enabled but the IOP never starts to fetch the parameters (TCB). Hence, the index and modify registers stay zero forever.

When I try a normal (non-chained) DMA everything works fine.

Is there a issue with the simulaor or am I doing something wrong (maybe a setting in the IDE).

Can someone point me to an example that is known to work in the simulator? I currently don't have a board so i can't try the code in hardware.






I've installed the latest updates for VDSP++ and now it works at least for the external DMA channel 0, channel 1 is still not working.