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incorrect reading from ADuC7026 internal temperature sensor

Question asked by KenW on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on May 31, 2013 by KenW

I have a batch of 20 boards that 19 of them give the correct on-chip temperature but 1 board gives the wrong reading. When I put the debugger on the boards to check the ADC reading , the good ones show around 0x4FA which when converted to degC is 33. The temperature sensor ADC reading on the bad one show 0x586 which indicates that it is below 0 degC.


On Rev.F of the anomaly report, reference # er0011 indicates there was a temperature sensor operation problem that's fixed. I wonder if the chip on the bad board has this problem.


I'm using part #  ADUC7026BSTZ62. The batch code on the good chips is "I31 #1241 2474102.1" while the code on the bad one is "I31 #1121 2132712.1". I have a prototype board that gives correct temperature reading and the batch code on that chip is "I31 #1017 1845503.1".