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ADV7441a HDMI Colorspace

Question asked by hoehna on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2013 by DaveD

When we connect an IPAD HDMI set to 1080P60 to the ADV7441a the color space is incorrect and appears to be RGB instead of YPbPr.  The color space is correct for other sources connected to the HDMI port on the ADV7441a.  We have the ADV7441a set to the auto mode for CSC with register 67 set to 7 and 68 set to F0.   Connecting other sources such as a TV monitor to the IPAD HDMI gives correct color spacing.


We can correct the color by turning off the auto color space setting and manually forcing it to RGB.  By changing 67 to 1 and 68 to 2.  That is fine if we can detect a difference somewhere to indicate a new setting.  Is there a register to check what the color space is going to be set to or something to check that indicates things are different and different color space is required?