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DSP evaluation board for audio amplitude modulation with 40kHz carrier?

Question asked by Funkandsoda on May 23, 2013
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i'm a student and need some advice in choosing the right and affordable dsp evaluation board.

For a project i need to do some amplitude modulation with an audio signal (music) and a 40-45 kHz carrier.

This signal needs to be amplified afterwards to be send on a ultrasonic transmitter grid.

Now i'm afraid to choose the wrong evaluation board and the audio outputs and DACs can't handle the 45 kHz...


Do you know an affordable evaluation board that can manage this?


I have found the ADAU1761 Evaluation Board

with the AD1938 which is capable of a sample frequency of 192 kHz.

Does this mean that i can get up to about 87 kHz (Nyquist-Shannon 192/2,2 = 87) on the output?


I'd be very grateful for any help or advice.


Thank you in advance




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