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CCES interrupt handler speed is slower than VDSP++ one.

Question asked by sofy Employee on May 23, 2013
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Is there any interrupt handler in CCES that is faster than Interruptf() in VDSP++ ?


Test result as below.

Using a SHARC EZKIT, and SHARC pll settings are same.

Same test program that is FLG output is toggled in the IRQ routine which triggered by external interrupt.

1) using CCES handler adi_int_InstallHAndler()

2) using VDSP++ handler Interruptf()


as a result, time duration from triggered external interrupt until toggled FLG output,

1) 158ns

2) 450ns


There is a large difference between CCES and VDSP++ handler, even there are no improvement by fastest optimization in CCES compiler option.

Does CCES have more faster interrupt handler? or any idea?


Thank you for your help.