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ADV7612 background video format detection with API

Question asked by gwood on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by mattp

We have a custom board that uses both PORT_A and PORT_B on the ADV7612 rx.  Things work terrifically when I swap between the two using  APP_SelectInput() but I need to know format, color space, etc on the unused port.  I'm trying to use the not ADIAPI_RxHdmiGetBg... APIs but find that they don't work reliably.  I do have fast switching active for all ports.


Per the 2.1 documentation these specify "Target Devices" of the ADV7623 and ADV7844, so are these the wrong APIs to use for the 7612? 


What's the proper way to determine the characteristics of the input to the unused port?  Per the data sheet "Synchronization measurement and status information are available for the background port." so this should be feasible, what am I missing?