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UART Overrun Error

Question asked by NTan on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by Andreas

Good Day Everyone!


I'm trying to interfaace a serial camera to the UART1 of a BF537 EZ Kit Lite. I've edited the uart library included in EE-347. However, I keep getting overrun error right after initializing UART (UartInit function).


I have already switched off SW5.1 and SW5.2 and I have also connected the TX pin of the camera to the RX pin of UART1 (pin 10) and the RX pin to TX pin of UART1 (pin 6).


When I remove the connection from pin 10 (RX), initialization works and there is no error. However, when I return the connections to pin 10, Overrun error occurs right after initialization.


What may be the problem? I have attached my code here...