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kBlockInInvalidRegion - What is the Value Information

Question asked by Mike on Oct 9, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2009 by SFernandez

Our application sometimes generates the following kernel panic when I call VDK:Sleep.


0x00000001 (panicCode = ThreadError)
0x8000000b (SystemError = kBlockInInvalidRegion)
0x00000006 (value)


I know that kBlockInInvalidRegion indicates Sleep() is being called in an unscheduled region, causing a scheduling conflict (from the VDK user guide).


I have two questions.


1. I would like to know what the value code of 6 indicates.  I can not find a description of the "value" argment in the VDK documentation.


2. As well as unscheduled regions created with VDK_PushUnscheduledRegion/VDK_PopUnscheduledRegion is there any other VDK methods that would create an unscheduled region that would cause kBlockInInvalidRegion?