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RGB to ITU-R BT.656 conversion - JP2_no color formation found problem

Question asked by rjagan on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by DaveD

Hi Dave,


am using adv212 in JData mode. i face some problem in converting RGB (18bit) data to CCIR / BT.656 (8bit). ( please find the attachment for converting rgb to bt656,  Let me know is this technique correct or not? )


after programming the adv212, successfully i got the encode firmware id 0xff82 successfully. finally i got the compressed jdata (8bit),

In encode parameter settings, i gave .JP2 format in adv212 encode parameter settings, and got compressed jdata, cant decode those compressed JDATA data's (JP2 fomat) in kakadu, got error line no color formation found.


if am giving .J2C in encode parameter, settings, i can decode the compress data in kakadu_show, then i got a grey-scale image. (please find the attachment/).


i dont know exactly what is the problem. please let me know


1. is this the problem in RGB to BT656 Conversion? ( find the attachment,for conversion technique )

2. can i re-program the ADV212 or adjust encode parameter settings?


Best Regards

Jagan R