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LWIP and FSS Issue

Question asked by DampSquid on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by DampSquid

I hope someone can give me a simple answer or pointer on where to look to start tracking this issue.


I have an application running on the BF548 EZkit light board. It a development application where I'm just importing as many of the devices as I can and exercising them to produce some standard interface to all us to develop the required application ( still fairly new to the blackfin ).


I've imported the LWIP stack and it initalizes fine ( fixed IP address ) and have a PC CMD prompt doing a repeated PING to the Blackfin board.  Initially the PING responses were very erratic and I'm getting far too many timeouts.  After disabling large parts of the application I've managed to track the issue down to the LWIP and FSS interacting with each other.


I have the FileSystemService initalized to use the onboard ATAPI interface, the SD and USB are disabled for FSS.

If I call adi_fss_Init the lwip stack fails to respond to all the pings (10-25% timeout ). Once the FSS has been initalised the issue exists even though no access is made to and file (no fopen etc calls being made )


The application is not Processor bound, 20% load.

Using VDK 5.0 update 10 on windows 7 32 bit

application currently using

  • VDK
  • multiple threads
  • Messages
  • Uart
  • LCD
  • PIXC
  • FSS
  • lwip
  • cache (data and instruction) on


I'm hopeing this will be a simple config/queue size issue, but I cant find it.


If you requre more information, or for me to perform any test please dotn hesitate to ask.


Thanks in advance