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inconsistent base address of axi_hdmi_tx_16b_0

Question asked by z-trf on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by larsc



In the kernel "linux-digilent-3.6-digilent-13.01.tar.gz", the file "digilent-zed.dts" shows the base address of axi_hdmi_tx_16b_0 is at 0x70e00000 as below,



axi_hdmi_tx_16b_0: axi-hdmi-tx-16b@70e00000 {

compatible = "adi,cf-adv7x11-core-1.00.a";

reg = < 0x70e00000 0x10000 0x79000000 0x10000 >;

slave_adapter = <&axi_iic_hdmi>;

dma-request = <&axi_vdma_0 0x0>;




But in the "system.xmp" of "cf_adv7511_zed_edk_14_4_2013_02_05.tar.gz",


The base address is started at 0x6c000000.


Is it correct? Why they have different reg. base addresses?