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ADuM3223, feasibility for driving high-side FET/IGBT

Question asked by usaghi on May 20, 2013
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Our customer is now checking feasibility of ADuM3223 for driving FET/IGBT at rather high voltage range.

Saveral questions from them.


Q1) Datasheet shows in front page as follows


DS front page.bmp

Here, could you please clarify where are 565V and 800V voltages which the datasheet is talking about ?

If you provide points of above differential voltages in picture (or into attached schematic), it would be very much appreciated.



Q2) Same sort of question at Datasheet Table.6 VDE characteristics.

Please indicate voltage points in picture which datasheet shows 560V, 1050V, 896V, and 672V.


DS Table 8. VDE Characteristics.bmp


Q3) High-side or low-side relative to input: 565V peak, and High-side to low-side differential: 800V peak at Q1) are seemed not shown in other part of datasheet.

Is it still OK to be considered these are officially specified data which has to be written in ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS in datasheet ?



Q4) Please see attached brief schematic view of their half bridge circuitry for mortor load.

Handwriting red line is current which they think for VDDA,VDDB, and GND, and 15V on VDDB, 15V-Vf on VDDA must be inside -0.5V to 20V specified as maximum ratings. Please check and add concerns if you have.



Q5) Our concern is driving gate on high-side FET/IGBT. When high-side FET/IGBT is ON, maximum 420V is applied for drain and source. Is it still possible for ADuM3223 to drive FET/IGBT in such voltage ?



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