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ADV7181D Manual Questions - CP Core & Bias Control

Question asked by Addona on May 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by raymondcarter

My Customer Wrote:


We are trying to set up the ADV7181D device (HDE-8 Encoder).



In reference to the "ADV7181D_Manual_Rev0.pdf" document (see attached), page 20, table 4 shows the register setting for Component YUV (CP Core) is PRIM_MODE[3:0] = 0000.

Looking at the same page, table 5 shows that PRIM_MODE[3:0] = 0001 is required for using the component processor mode (CP Core).


Page 20 , table 4 shows the setting for INSEL[3:0] = 0000, with Y=Ain10, U=Ain8, V=Ain6 (CP Core).


On page 217, the above register setting shows that it would select CVBS on AIN2 (SD Core).



Page 229 "0x3B Bias Control" register: This states that a external resistor can be used.

What pin is this resistor located on?