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Can I/Q differential output of AD8347 connected to AD9231 directly?

Question asked by June.Hu on May 20, 2013
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I have a new design,that I will use AD8347 and AD9231.I got two question about the circuit.

1.Can the BB amplifier of AD8347 drive the AD9231 directly without off-chip AMP?(No input buffer in AD9231)

2.The differential input of AD9231 is 2V p-p.And,the p-p output of AD8347 is 740mvP-P.

   To get the full-range of AD9231 input,can I use a resistors divider network before the input

   to VDT pins of AD8349?

   Or,can I simply change the VREF input of AD9231 to 0.37V to get the full-range input?

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