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Question asked by lorenzo on Oct 8, 2009
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I have a problem with interrupts on Sport0, Sport2 and Sport5 that are partially executed.
The program run fine when it is downloaded into the DSP with the VisualDSP++ environment and the EZ-KIT.

All the 3 interrupts generated are executed.
But, when I download the program into the FLASH memory of the EZ-Kit with the driver for FLASH AM29LV081B  in way to make the EZ-Kit independent,  only the Sport2 interrupt work.

The two others interrupts (SP0 & 5) are not executed.


Those 3 Sports receive at the same time 6 x 32bit words (Channel A & B) and they have the same clk & FS signals that are routed internaly.

When the 3 Sports are full, they generate at the same time 3 interrupts that are executed following their priority. (Sport 5, Sport0 and at last Sport 2).


But only the SP2 interrupt is executed.


I try to configure some registers, but perhaps not the rights...

Here are some lines of some registers:


  asm ("bit set LIRPTL BIT_10;") ;  //sport0
  asm ("bit set LIRPTL BIT_11;") ;  //sport2

  asm ("bit set IMASK BIT_16;") ;  //sport5


I suspect the driver of the FLASH memory to set some registers that are not configured later in my program when it run.

Wich registers do I have to configure in way to be sure to run the interrupts on Sports?