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ADV7842-7511 board became not stable

Question asked by xtma on May 19, 2013
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   my ADV7842-7511 board from ADI became not stable after used some months.


test step:

connect hdmi rx of board to pc hdmi port.

connect hdmi tx of board to monitor hdmi port.

connect RS232 port of board to PC


the the board work fine. when i receiver the board.

1. normal display on the monitor

2. RS232 port of board has information display.

3. PC can detect usb port of the board. and can configure the board by AVES2


but today.  the board became not stable. some time (1 of 20 times) there is display on the monitor.

most of time:

1. No   display on the monitor

2. RS232 port of board output nothing information.

3. PC can not detect usb port of the board.

repeat push the reset button of the board. or unplug power/ plug power. the board still not work.


how can i deal with this issue?

1. can ADI repair the board?  the board serial number is: 600 901 the board name is: EVAL-ADV7842-7511

i am in china.

2. if seems DSP of the board not work. (No display information on RS232 in connect usb cable case)

can i direct connect usb->i2c cable(C232HM-DDHSL-0) to the board SCL & SDA jumper.

how to connect 7842 reset chip, select pin and 7511 PD pin when disable DSP function case.