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ADSP-21489 IIR/FIR accelerator problem with ringing

Question asked by SergeyB on May 18, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2013 by SergeyB

Hello, i try to use hardware accelerators on ADSP-21489

1)IIR 6 biquads (but,cheb,etc.)

2)IIR 12 biquads

3)FIR 512 coeffs    (different,including filters with shallow amplitude frequency characteristic, such as window-Gaussian )

4)FIR 128 coeffs  

I used window with 512 lenght, float type of data and coeffs. But all this filters have ringing!! I attached picture of filtered signal.

How i can avoid ringing?

I think it happens because i used window-based method of filtration, at the end of the first filtering window filter start to be released, and there have to go new data, but data is in another window waiting for the end of the first filtering window.

How i can realized continuous filtration on accelerator?Or this ringing has other cause?