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Maximum clock freq for adsp21363 Jtag TCK input

Question asked by BobKruse on Oct 7, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2009 by BobKruse

We have a HPUSB-ICE that we use with the ADSP21363. It allows JTAG clock frequencies from 10-50MHz.

One of our products uses a 12Mhz oscillator for the CLKIN input and core-clock is set to 192Mhz, the other product uses a 24MHz oscillator and the pll is set to generate a 324Mhz core clock.

We've been happliy running the HPUSB-ICE with the 50MHz clock for many years. Today I noticed the spec that states the minimum period on the TCK input is the period of the CLKIN pin, and not some small multiple of the core-clock period.


Did I interpret it correctly? With a 12Mhz oscillator I should run the HPUSB-ICE at 10 MHz, and even with a 24MHz oscillator, I can't run higher than 20 Mhz?


Bob Kruse