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ADIS16407 Interfacing with Arduino Mega 2560

Question asked by irfan on May 17, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by irfan
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Dear All,


I am trying to interface the ADIS16407 isensor to the arduino mega 2560 board using the 'ADIS16364 interfacing with arduino' code provided in this forum( I changed all the registers and made possible connections according to the ADIS16407 datasheet but the results which I am geting are attached here below. I checked with the connections and the code adjustments but still the results on serial port are the same.


Please help me in this regard in advicing what exactly is going wrong? I absolutely have no idea about it.


@Mark sir : Here I provide all the details (files of code changed according to ADIS16407 from ADIS16364), pictures of my set-up as well as connection details which I followed exactly as in


Please help me in this regard by suggesting me whats going wrong or making suitable changes in the code and uploading it here again.