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Issue in SPI0 and AMS3 multiplexing of PORTG in BF51x

Question asked by yusuf.husainy on May 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by Aaronwu

Hello all,


I want to use the SPI0 port of the BF51x. However, it is in the same multiplexed group of AMS3. I am using a NOR parallel flash for my rootfs and vmImage. So, I think I cannot use both at the same time. I do get an error on booting, that the pins confict. I have commented out the #ifdef line in the __init of ezbrd.c board file, allowing the request for AMS3 as well as keeping the SPI0 enabled. However due to this, the bfin-spi.o module does report an "Reqeusting peripherals failed" error. So, i presume the SPI won't work. However, I think this happened because I enabled the AMS3 request in the init of ezbrd.c. So, this shouldn't cause u-boot from booting the image, just because it cannot find a 4th partition. But, this does happen and the visibility of the NOR flash is reduced from 4096K to 3072K. Due to this, the part of the rootfs(which is residing in the 4th partition) is not visible, hence the kernel panics and gives out an error of "init not found". I have also added some printk's and debug messages in the board file and bfin-spi module. I am using a custom board based on the ezboard, but a stripped down version of it. I am pasting the boot log here:

Any help is appreciated.