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Programming the eeprom without the DSP

Question asked by rszemeti on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by BrettG

So, I have my board all ready to go,  circuit is similar to the ADAU1701 mini dev board in most respects,   got a 24LC256 hooked up, NOT got the 1701 in soldered down yet, figured I would get what I can checked out first.


ADDR 0 and ADDR1 will be fixed low on the DSP,  WP has been tied high (with the option of setting it high during initial programming) to prevent the DSP ever writing to the EEPROM.


Without the 1701 glued in, im having difficulty getting SigmaStudio to write to the EEPROM, it says it is writing, but the readback and verify fails,


Should this work with the 1701 not connected, or does SigmaStudio rely on the 1701 being bus-master etc, so I should not expect to be able to programm the EEPROM until the 1701 is soldered down?