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I-V converter for PMT

Question asked by m1216 on May 16, 2013
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My name is charles.


I'd already used the the high speed video amp(AD811 and AD8057)and ultra low input current offset amp(AD549) respectively in my simple I-V converter circuit to get a singnal from PMT(2uA max) with Rf(100Mohm). 


Although I-V converter circuit done well, signals from those amps have extra tails.


I thought that it is related to speed of amp. So I decided to change the amp has low input current offset and high bandwidth.


Now, I'm trying to order samples, AD8610, AD8651, ADA5817-1 and AD8065 for converting the current from PMT(2uA maxium) with Rf(10Mohm) to voltage.

(Not yet ordered..)


So, is it ok to use those kinds of amp(AD8610, AD8651, ADA5817-1 and  AD8065)  as a I-V converter without any tails?


Please let me know a tip or pice of advice about it.


Best regards.


P.S. The singnal frequancy from PMT is about 25MHz.

        Photon come from confocal laser scanning microscope system.