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Status of ADV7180 fsc_Lock is error.

Question asked by seaemperor on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by GuenterL

Our design:

TV decode is ADV7180.

TV encode is ADV7391.

Camera is black and white camera.



We hope that determine black and white camera by status of ADV7180's fsc_Lock.

But status of ADV7180's fsc_Lock is 1 when our system connect to black and white camera.

However use EVB,the status is 0.


Why is status of ADV7180's fsc_Lock error?



    REG    Data


    0x00,   0x00,  

    0x04,   0xD7,  

    0x17,   0x41, 

    0x31,   0x02,  

    0x3D,   0xA2,  

    0x3E,   0x6A, 

    0x3F,   0xA0,  

    0x0E,   0x80,  

    0x55,   0x81, 

    0x0E,   0x00,