Webcast: Wide Dynamic Range Microphones, Wednesday, May 22

Discussion created by JeradL on May 15, 2013

On Wednesday, May 22 at 12:00 EDT Analog Devices will be presenting a webcast titled "What is a "Wide Dynamic Range" Microphone and why does it matter to my design?"


Here is a description of what we will cover in this presentation:

MEMS microphones with the capability to capture very high sound pressure acoustic waves (loud noises) with high fidelity hold the potential not only to improve user experience in audio capture, but also make acoustic detection viable for a range of applications that might have previously been unsuitable for such methods. Coupling high SPL performance with a low noise floor (expressed by high SNR) yields microphones with a very wide dynamic range. Such wide dynamic range microphones are particularly compelling when considered alongside the benefits of MEMS technology. We will discuss specific design considerations for such wide dynamic range microphones and the various applications that might benefit from such high performance.


You can register for this webcast here. I hope that some of you will find this interesting and will be able to attend.