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"ADIS16407 interface with TI TMS320F28335 STARTER KIT"

Question asked by irfan on May 16, 2013
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Hi all,


I am Rashed and working with isensors.


As I am very new to this field of work, I have been facing problems in getting the signal processed out of ADIS16407 isensor. Can any one help me with this MCU and isensor combination interface?


Does any one has tried to work out this combination before? Please let me know.


I have got reference code for ADIS16350 with the similar board (TI) but not able to figure out the exact way to process this sensor.


Please help me.


1) The reference code is attached with this message.

2) My edited code file is attached with this message.

3) Picture of my set-up is attached with this message.

4) Schematic of ADIS16407 is attached.

5) connection details are:


Firstly, I tried to configure the SPI-A pins as: P8 slot [Pin 23 (GPIO-16), Pin 24 (GPIO-17), Pin 25 (GPIO-18), Pin 26 (GPIO-19)]

The connections are as follows:

Pin 23 (GPIO-16)-SPISIMOA to J1(Pin4)

Pin 24 (GPIO-17)-SPISOMIA to J1(Pin6)

Pin 25 (GPIO-18)-SPICLKA to J1(Pin2)

Pin 26 (GPIO-19)-SPISTEA to J1(Pin3)


Now my major concerns are:

1) How to configure SPI on TMS320F28335. (i have this DSP and read all the realted datasheets but not understanding nothing). I need to understand the configuring the bits under the registers (You can see my trial in the my_version zip file). Please try to help in this regard.


2) I tried to configure SPI today but I was not able to obtain a '.OUT' file on Code composer studio in TI TMS320F28335 for building the project and running.


3) There in no '.gel' file available in the folder. can you please locate it as I am not able to load the project too. I don't know the reason why the .OUT file is not created adwhy there is no .gel file available.


4) I want to read the data on serial port for gyro, magnetometer as well as accelerometer, plase help me in this regard. I literally have no idea on it.


5) I changed the addresses of all the registers, but still not able to make it.


Please advice or solve my problem ASAP as I am in a deep trouble.







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