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ADV7611 Recommended Register Settings

Question asked by Jamesm on May 15, 2013
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My question is with the recommended register settings for the ADV7611.  There is a script file "ADV7611-VER.2.9.c.txt"  It includes the recommended settings in addition to the recommendations in the PDF version 1.3.  However, the "ADV7611-VER.2.9.c.txt" text file has settings the pdf doesn't.  It also writes to a device address of 0x72.  (28 writes).  I can't find this device address anywhere in the Hardware Users Guide (UG-180.pdf), or Software Manual.  And when I write to these addresses it doesn't return an i2c ACK.  Is this 0x72 address for something else, or do I have a problem?  Thanks for your help.