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Amplifying a noisy signal from magnetic head

Question asked by TheArtist on May 15, 2013
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I'm working on a small project, namely a magnetic card reader, and was wondering which would be the best inamp for a power supply range betwen 1.8V-3.3V (single supply)? More specifically it needs a generous bandwidth and best CMRR filtering, because swiping speed can vary from as low as 0.65cm/s (VERY NOISY) to as high as 19cm/s (7.5IPS). As for the output signal, is not so important as long as it exceeds 80mV (stabile)


Magnetic head specs:


Inductance (mH)
28 +/- 25%
DC Resistance (Ω)
140 +/- 20%
Recording Density (BPI)
Card Speed (IPS)
Read Output (mVp-p)
18 min
Gap Length (microns)

Insulation Mohm

20(100v DC)



Any suggestion will be gladly apreciated!