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ADIS16334 Gyroscope and accelerometer data scaling to a more usable format

Question asked by Einari on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by NevadaMark

We are trying to get real time data from ADIS16334 with the EVAL-ADIS EVALUATION SYSTEM using the EvalAdisApi.dll. We have managed to get it to the point we are getting data out, but the format that the data is in is difficult to use as it is. The gyroscopes and accelerometers are giving positive integer values between 49000 and 32700, but we do not understand what these numbers mean. We are looking for the same kind of data scaling that the IMU-Evaluation software uses in (Data Capture -> Use Scaled Data). So that the numbers shift slightly around zero.


We are aware of the fact that this kind of setup is not supposed to be used in real time applications, but the only thing we are currently missing from a finished application is the scaling of the data to a more usable format.