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ADV7441A Lost first pixel cbcr data

Question asked by on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by GuenterL

1 Because the FPGA is not support RGB/YUV444 input ,So set the ADV7441A's output is YUV422.
2 only the DVI of HDMI port input, will happen the issues. it is not lost one row, only lost the UV data.
3 for example, used the FPGA capture the YUV422, find that the UV=0x80
4 running the free run ,could find that the pattern data is that ,Y=35,Pr=112,Pb=212,but the first row data is the Y=35,Pr=128,Pb=128
5. at present , customer adjust the DE timing ,and cut down the first row pixel, it seems that display aspect is not full(lost one row), and side will turn the black line
see the picture
Bus setting .Y=P[12:19],CbCr=P[2:9],Test the P[9]=Highest CbCr bit.
test condition: DVI VESA timing of HDMI port, output format is YUV422.